National Directory

of Soil Science Society of Pakistan

First edition of the National Directory of Soil Scientists, listing 412 soil scientists, was published in 1994. In view of its usefulness, the Directory earned a lot of appreciation.z Because of dynamic nature of the information, however, the Directory required continuous updating at regular intervals. So far, this self-imposed professional commitment has been honored, regularly, at the eve of every biennial Congress of Soil Science.

This 8th edition of the Directory, documents up-to-date information of 658 soil scientists, of which 152 are PhD, 465 M. Phil/MSc and 41are BSc. Further, 190 of the listed scientists belong to federal institutions, 255 to Punjab, 80 to Sindh, 55to NWFP,

15 to Baluchistan, 9 to AJK and 45 to agro-based industry and 9 misc. Discipline-wise break-up of soil science community in Pakistan is: Soil fertility, 320; soil chemistry, 62: soil mineralogy, 8: soil salinity, 95; soil microbiology, 45; soil physics, 19; soil conservation, 12; soil survey, 60: soil environment, 17and agronomy, 21.