By Laws New


1.1. The name of the Society shall be Soil Science Society of Pakistan SSSP).
1.2. Headquarters/Secretariat of the Society shall be located at National Agricultural Research Center, Islamabad


The Soil Science Society of Pakistan is a scientific society, and objectives of the Society are to:

(i)Promote soil science research and its application;
(ii)Create facilities and provide platform for close cooperation among the scientists working in Soil Science and applied disciplines; and
(iii)Foster publication of Soil Science Journal and Newsletter, etc.


1.1. The name of the Society shall be Soil Science Society of Pakistan SSSP).
1.2. Headquarters/Secretariat of the Society shall be located at National Agricultural Research Center, Islamabad


3.1. Those seeking membership shall apply to General Secretary of the Society on the prescribed Proforma along with admission fee and annual membership fee. Executive Council of the Society shall confirm the membership of the applicant in its next meeting provided all the formalities are complete. Membership of the Society shall be in four categories:
(i) Members
(ii) Honorary Members
(iii) Patron Members
(iv) Student Members.

3.2. Members
Persons holding degree in Soil Science/Agri. Chemistry/Agronomy, but not enrolled as students in any university or college except those who had been engaged in Soil Science profession prior to their becoming active students, OR persons holding degree in Science and actively engaged in Soil Science profession, shall be eligible to become Members of the Society.

3.3. Life Members
A Member can become Life Member on payment of stipulated subscription, provided he/she has been Member of the Society at least for a period of five (5) years continuously.

3.4. Honorary Members
Honorary Membership is the highest honor bestowed by the Society. A person who has been a Member of the Society at least for ten (10) years continuously may be conferred Honorary Membership of the Society in recognition of his/her long and distinguished career in Soil Science profession. Executive Council, through a constituted Awards Committee, will identify prospective candidates for Honorary Membership. Executive Council will accord approval of Honorary Membership. Honorary Members shall be exempted from payment of dues and shall enjoy all the privileges of Members. The total number of Honorary Members shall be limited to ten (10) at any time and not more than two (2) shall be honored during two–year tenure of an Executive Council. New Honorary Members will be installed at biennial Congress of Soil Science or General Body Meeting by conferring a certificate and a plaque.

3.5. Patron Members
Institutions/Organizations engaged ion research, development, manufacturing or making of agricultural and related products and Banks may be requested, by the Executive Council, to become Patron Members of the Society. Patron Members are entitled to all privileges as Members. Each Patron Member/ organization will nominate a representative to the Society.

3.6. Student Members
Post–graduate students registered in Soil Science/Agri. Chemistry/Agronomy Department of Agricultural Universities/Colleges shall be eligible for Student Membership of the Society. Students seeking membership shall get their eligibility verified by Chairman of the concerned Department.


4.1.A Member shall pay admission fee and annual subscription at the time of applying for membership. Subsequent annual subscriptions shall be paid within first quarter of each calendar year. Any Member not paying in first quarter shall pay annual fee alongwith a late fee determined by the Executive Council.

4.2. Patron Membership Fee shall be payable only once.

4.3. Student Members’ admission fee and annual subscription shall be 50% of the prevalent rates for Members.

4.4. Any Member can become Life Member of the Society by paying ten (10) annual subscriptions in lump-sum, provided he/she has been Member of the Society at least for a period of five (5) years, continuously.

4.5. Any Member who does not pay annual subscription within the due time shall lose all rights and privileges till such time that he/she pays all arrears due to him/her.

4.6. Executive Council will determine fee structure of all Membership categories.


5.1. A Member of the Society shall be entitled to:
(i) Vote at all General Body and extraordinary meetings;
(ii) Become member of the Executive Council, provided he/she is an uninterrupted Member in good standing for the last five (5) years, except for Student Councilor;
(iii) Propose/second resolutions;
(iv) Present papers at Congress of Soil Science;
(v) Receive publications of the Society, free of cost, and Publish in the Society journal.

5.2. Student Members shall enjoy all the privileges of Members but shall have no right to vote, except for the election of Student Councilor.


6.1.Affairs of the Society shall be managed by an Executive Council, consisting of the following officers and Councilors to be elected from amongst the Members:

6.1.1. President: He shall preside over all meetings of the Society and the Executive Council and shall regulate the proceedings therein. He shall, in case of equality of votes, have a double or a casting vote.

6.1.2. Vice-Presidents: One from each province of Pakistan and one from Azad Jammu & Kashmir provided Membership from AJK is at least ten (10). All shall assist the President in conduct of affairs of the Society. In its first meeting, Executive Council will decide the order of seniority of Vice Presidents to perform the duties of President in his/her absence.

6.1.3. General Secretary: He/she shall be exercise general supervision on the interest of the Society and shall be responsible to the President and the Executive Council for proper conduct of affairs of the Society. He/she shall record and present minutes of all meetings and shall maintain an up to date list of Members with their latest addresses.

6.1.4. Joint Secretary: He shall assist the General Secretary in conduct of affairs of the Society and shall act as General Secretary in his absence.

6.1.5. Treasurer: He/she shall be responsible for receiving subscription and other dues, payable to the Society, and for the disbursement of all money payable by the Society. He shall submit financial and audit reports to the General Body at the annual meetings. He will submit the reports on the accounts of Society to the Executive Council as and when required by the Council.

6.1.6. Councilors: In addition to the office bearers, there will be EIGHT (8) Councilors, at least one from each province, one from AJK and one from Student Members.

6.1.7. Immediate Past–President and Editor-in-Chief of PJSS shall be ex-officio members of Executive Council.

6.2.Quorum: quorum for the meeting of the Executive Council shall be six (6).


7.1. The General Body, consisting of Members of the Society, shall hold meetings of the following categories:

  • 7.1.1. Annual General Body Meetings.
  • 7.1.2. Extraordinary General Body Meetings.

7.2. Annual General Body Meeting shall be called the General Secretary once a year. It shall transact the following business:

  • 7.2.1. Presentation of General Secretary’s annual report and its adoption.
  • 7.2.2. Treasurer’s report including statements of audited accounts of receipts and expenditure of the current year and budget proposals for the coming year.
  • 7.2.3. Any other matter(s) relevant to affairs of the Society.

7.3. Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting can be called by the President in order to transact any special business, provided:

  • 7.3.1. He/she deems necessary in the interest of affairs of the Society.
  • 7.3.2. On written request of thirty (30) or one–fifth of the total Members, which ever is more. It will be obligatory on the President to call such a meeting within one month of receipt of the request.

7.4.In case the required Extraordinary General Body Meeting is not convened by President, it will be assumed that President has lost confidence of the Members and his/her office will be considered vacant.

7.5.Conduct of Meetings

  • 7.5.1. Annual General Body Meeting shall be convened on one month written notice to all the Members, giving agenda, date, time and place of the meeting.
  • 7.5.2. One–fifth of total Members shall constitute the quorum.
  • 7.5.3. Extraordinary General Body Meeting shall be convened on written notice of 15 days, giving date, time and place.
  • 7.5.4. No other business except that given in the agenda will be transacted at an Extraordinary General Body Meeting.
  • 7.5.5. Quorum for the Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting will be the same as for Annual General Body Meeting.
  • 7.5.6. In case of lack of quorum, after half an hour of the scheduled time, the Annual General Body Meeting shall stand adjourned to meet again at any other date, time and place which will be notified to all Members. No quorum will be necessary for the reconvened Meeting.
  • 7.5.7. In case of Extraordinary General Body Meeting, it shall stand dissolved in the absence of the requisite quorum.
  • 7.5.8. In exceptional cases, to economize expenses and to save time, opinion of Members as General Body will be sought through mail. The quorum in this situation will be one-fourth of the total Members. However, this clause will not be applicable to matters related to By-laws amendments.


8.1. Financial accounts of the Society shall be subject to examination by an Auditor appointed by the Executive Council.

8.2. All money received shall be regularly deposited into a recognized Bank by the Treasurer. Expenditure incurred in conduct of business the Society shall be got approved from the Executive Council. In anticipation of approval of the Executive Council, the President may sanction expenditure.

8.3. Money will be drawn from the Bank under the signatures of Treasurer and Secretary/ President.

8.4. Executive Council shall be empowered to raise and receive donations and bequests.


9.1. Tenure of the office bearers and members of the Executive Council shall be two years, beginning from Ist January and ending on 31st December of the following year, except for Student Councilor, whose term will be one year. If due to some reasons, such as vote of no confidence, elections have to be held before the expiry of term of office bearer(s)/members(s) of the Council, the newly elected Executive Council will continue for the period of tenure left by the dissolved Executive Council as well as the next full tenure of two years.

9.2. Election process shall be initiated at least four (4) months before the expiry of each tenure. After election, all office bearers and members of the Council shall be deemed to have ceased holding office on 31st December of their second year. The new elected office bearers shall assume office on the following day, i.e., 1st of January.

9.3. An Election Committee will be constituted by the Executive Council latest by 31 August of 2nd year of each tenure. It will comprise of at least three Members from amongst Members of the Society. The Election Committee will be an independent body, not answerable to Executive Council. In case of violation of any Society Bylaw or election rule, Election Committee will be accountable to the General Body. The election shall be completed within 45 days and results announced one month before expiry of the tenure of Executive Council.

9.4. All proposals for nomination to contest for an office/member of the Council shall be initiated by a Member and duly seconded another Member, in writing.

9.5. Only a Member with at least five (5) years’ uninterrupted Membership is eligible to be candidate for any office in the Executive Council, except for Student Councilor.

9.6. Student Councilor will be proposed and elected by Student Members only.

9.7. Election will be held through secret ballot. Ballots will be mailed to each voter by registered mail by the Election Committee.

9.8. A candidate shall be declared to have been elected by a simple majority vote.

9.9. Any vacancy which may remain unfilled during election or may occur subsequently in the Council shall be filled by the Executive Council. But Members having lost in the Election can not be nominated.

9.10. A person shall not be eligible to contest or be elected for the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

9.11. No Member against whom any dues or assets of the Society are outstanding shall qualify to become a candidate for any office of the Society.

9.12. Any Member who may harm interest of the Society in any form by his deliberate actions and activities will not qualify to become candidate for any office in the Society, provided his/her harmful action had been notified by the Executive Council before the announcement of election schedule. In serious cases membership of such a person will be suspended by the Executive Council for a specific period of time to allow him/her to improve his/her behavior. In extremely serious cases, the membership may be cancelled for ever by the two-third majority of General Body. Reasons of imposition of the penalty shall be recorded in writing. To avoid unnecessary work and expenditure, no Member will be allowed to contest for more than one office of the Society at the same time. In case of more than one nomination of a Member and no withdrawal from multiple nominations upto the specified date, the Election Committee will have discretionary power to allow the candidate to contest for any one specific office.

(iii)Foster publication of Soil Science Journal and Newsletter, etc.


10.1. To include proposal of vote of no confidence, against on office bearer of Executive Council, on the agenda of Annual General Body Meeting/Extraordinary General Body Meeting, the proposal shall have to be supported by one–fifth of the total Members.

10.2. Vote of no confidence can be passed against any members(s) of the Executive Council by two–third majority in the General Body Meeting.

10.3. In case the vote of no confidence is passed against office bearer of the Executive Council, the General Body will make adhoc arrangements to run affairs of the Society.


If any member of the Executive Council/ Editorial Board or any Committee constituted by Executive Council or General Body does not attend three consecutive meetings of the respective body deliberately, he/she will lose his/her membership of the said body. The respective body will be empowered to fill that vacancy from amongst Members of the Society.


12.1. Any change in the By-laws may be made by a two–third majority vote in a meeting of General Body. 12.2. General Body will be the supreme body and will have powers to make decisions with two–third majority regarding any unforeseen matters that may not have been covered in these By–laws.


The regular technical publication of the Society will be known as “Pakistan Journal of Soil Science”. Special publications of the Society, duly approved by the Executive Council, may be published as and when required. Expenditure incurred on production of the Journal and other publications shall be approved by the Executive Council. The Executive Council may nominate any Member(s) for any other publication of the Society.


14.1. Editorial Board of the Journal will comprise of an Editor-in-Chief and Twelve (12) Editors, two of whom will be from abroad. All will be nominated by Executive Council. Members of Executive Council can not become Editorial Board Members. The Editors, except for Foreign Editors, must be Members of the Society.

14.2. In the interest of continuity of the Editorial Board, the tenures of Editorial Board Members will be arranged in such a way that after completing their 3-year terms, one-third Members of the Editorial Board will retire each year.

14.3. In case of any difficulty with regard to any member of the Board, the Executive Council may nominate new member(s) any time during the term, for rest of the period of the respective term.

14.4. Executive Council may decide to increase the number of Editors.

14.5. Invited papers at the Biennial Congresses of Soil Science as well as at General Body Meetings and other special occasions will be published in Pakistan Journal of Soil Science, after peer review. December issue of the Journal each year will publish names, with institutions, of:
(i) Reviewers (in addition to Consulting Editors) during the year;
(ii) Honorary Members;
(iii) Fellows; and
(iv) Any other Society award recipients.


The Society will have a website, depicting Executive Council, list of Members, Pakistan Journal of Soil Science, National Directory of Soil Scientists, Soil Science News, and Society By-laws, etc.


In the interest of promoting the profession of Soil Science, the Society will recognize its outstanding Members by conferring the following honors and awards:

16.1. Honorary Membership of SSSP: As stated at Article 3.4.

16.2. Fellowship of SSSP: The Society shall have Fellows from amongst its Members and Life Members in recognition of their outstanding professional contributions and service to the Society. Total number of Fellows shall not, at any time, exceed twenty five (25) and the number of persons bestowed with Fellowship each year shall not exceed two (2).

  • 16.2.1. Executive Council, through a constituted Committee, will identify prospective candidates for Fellowship. To be eligible for nomination to Fellowship, an individual must have been a Member, not in arrears of subscription, for at least ten (10) consecutive years. Executive Council will approve Fellowships.
  • 16.2.2. The Fellows shall be installed at the General Body Meeting or biennial Congress of Soil Science, and presented with a certificate and a plaque. Fellows of the Society may use the abbreviation ‘FSSSP’ as a suffix to their names.

16.3. Any other award, approved by the Executive Council.