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Soil: Ultimate Solution to Food Security and Climate Change 

Soil is the most valuable natural resource for agriculture, but it is finite and non-renewable. Being the basic medium of life support system for human beings, animals, flora, fauna and other organisms, soil is considered as the soul of infinite life.

Climate change, due to excessive emission of greenhouse gases to atmosphere, has emerged as the most prominent environmental issue all over the world. It will have a considerable impact on agriculture including crops, livestock and fisheries. Agriculture, crucial for ensuring food, nutritional and livelihood security in Pakistan, is exposed to the stresses arising from climatic variability and climate change. Further, more frequent extreme weather events and an increased unpredictability of weather patterns have made an impact on agriculture and food security, leading to production reductions. 

All this need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and an increase of carbon sinks. Our soils have immense potential/capacity for soil carbon sequestration, which can contribute significantly to the mitigation of climate change. This carbon sequestration not only mitigate the climate change impact on crop production, it will also improve the soil quality/health. And hence help in food security.